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    When you come in to see me for couples counseling, my goal for you is to create a safe and reassuring environment to receive real help for life's real challenges.  I'll assist you in implementing proven strategies that can transform your relationship, and replace the negative patterns of hurt and disappointment with positive patterns of love and mutual validation.

    I believe in relationships.  My vision is to see each couple become all that God intended them to be: vessels to reflect love in one another.  

    Hello, my name is David Corbitt, and I’ve been a Relationship Counselor for over 12 years here in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My calling and passion is to minister to relationships.  It has been tremendously rewarding to support couples as they overcome their struggles and find restoration for their lives. I offer counseling for married, pre-married, unmarried and dating couples.

    Relationships are important to God. We were created to be social beings. God chooses the analogy of marriage- the Bridegroom and the Bride- as His most intimate comparison of His relationship with His Church.

    When relationships are at their best, they are beyond rewarding. They can be a shelter from life’s storms, a sanctuary where two people abiding together in love become so much more than the sum of their parts.  A place where you feel safe to be yourself, to blossom and grow into who you both were destined to be. You feel complete in one another.

    Sometimes though, life can get in the way, and place strains on our relationships. Instead of feeling like a blessing to us, they feel more like a burden. Rather than pouring life into us, they can seem like a constant drain. But, thankfully, it doesn’t have to stay this way.

    And that’s where counseling can help. Relationship counseling can press the reset button, offer you a fresh perspective, and empower you with new tools to enrich your union beyond where it was before, and into new heights you didn’t think possible. Things really can be better, and you can receive new hope for a new day.

    Contact me today to schedule your first session. Your initial consultation is completely free of charge. I am looking forward to getting to know you, and together we will explore how best to assist you through our counseling program. Let’s get started.


    Licensed Biblical Counselor
    Certified Christ-Based Counselor
    PREPARE-ENRICH Facilitator
    SYMBIS Facilitator
    Gottman Method Couples Therapy

    I've resided in the Pikes Peak area for the last 26 years with my wonderful, amazing wife Cheri. We've been married for 37 years, and together, we are the proud parents of our remarkable son, Nathaniel.

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